About The V4E Board

Value for Europe (V4E) Board is responsible for the development and application of the European Training and Certification System.

About The EGB

Value for Europe (V4E) is a not for profit Company registered and operating under French law. It works through National Certification Organisations (NCOs) who through nominated representatives form the V4E Board and who commit to abide by the rules of the V4E Board. In return the V4E Board grant those NCOs the authority to administer the V4E Training and Certification System (ETCS) and award

The remit of the V4E Board is to:
  • Promote world class Value Management and related Standards, Training and Certification
  • Establish, review, develop and codify the rules and operating standards of the ETCS
  • Approve NCOs as qualification bodies within the ETCS and ensure that those NCOs comply with the rules of the ETCS
  • Achieve consistency in training and certification
  • Establish standards of conduct for qualified value practitioners
  • Arbitrate in any disputes relating to the ETCS or its application
  • Determine any reciprocity arrangements between the ECTS and any other qualification system
  • Qualify and admit new NCOs who wish to join the V4E Board

The V4E Board comprises two types of member

Full Members

Who are the nominated representative of participating NCOs. These members have voting rights.

Associate Members

Who wish to be involved with the System but do not have an NCO. These members do not have voting rights.

  • Austria – Institut Fur Innovations-und Trendforschung(IITF)
  • Belgium – Association pour le développement de l’analyse de la valeur(AVD)
  • France – Association Francaise pour l’Analyse de la Valeur (AFAV)
  • Germany – Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Fachbereich VM/WA (VDI-GPP)
  • Hungary – Society of Hungarian Value Analysts (SHVA)
  • Italy – Associazione Italiana per l’Analisi e la gestione del Valore (AIAV)
  • Netherlands –Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE)
  • Portugal – Associação Portuguesa para a Análise do Valor (APAV)
  • Spain – CGV –Centro para la Gestión del Valor (IAT)
  • UK – The Institute of Value Management, Certification Board (IVM-CB)
In addition Norway has a representative as observer

The V4E Board elect a President, and two Vice Presidents, and together with the immediate Past President, these four constitute the Council. Council members are elected for 3 years and are mandated to make decisions on behalf of the V4E Board between meetings if circumstances dictate.

Members of v4E Board